Raising Knowledge Academy, Inc.

Renewal Scholarship Applications are OPEN NOW!

Please contact our School Registrar, Ms. D. Medina, for any assistance at (407) 888-9595, or email dmedina@rkacademy.org.

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At Raising Knowledge Academy
We are a family!
We love our students!
We love our parents!
But most of all,
“You have no limits, dream big, work hard, play hard, and learn with all your heart”

Mrs. Cotto – RKA Principal

A Christian Community of Achievers

Raising Knowledge Academy, Inc. is a private Christian school that has been operating in Orlando, Florida for more than five years. We offer bilingual classes in small groups for children from Pre-K to 12th grade. We accommodate a wide range of students, including gifted kids and those with special needs.